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Beauté Q: What Is Reverse Washing?

Beauté Q: What Is Reverse Washing?

Pipton beauté expert and Balmain International Master Educator, Elisha, talks with Byrdie about the benefits and how-tos of the trend in hair washing.


Q: What is reverse hair washing?

A: Reverse hair washing is the process of using conditioner first, rinsing, and then shampooing. Switching up the order you use your shower products in can be beneficial for those with dry, fine, and/or flat hair to help cleanse and volumize. 

Q: So what are the benefits?

A: In addition to reducing residue, and increasing hydration and volume, this process helps with detangling strands: "The process of reverse washing keeps dry, brittle hair silky so while you're shampooing, you don’t create friction, tangles, or knots," says Balmain Hair educator Elisha Smith. It's also gentle on fine hair: According to Smith, reverse washing is "much gentler on fine, thin hair than traditional washing because it allows you to condition your roots without leaving any residue."

Q: Is it the same thing as co-washing?

A: Reverse washing is different but similar to co-washing, which is when hair is washed only with conditioner (or a specific co-washing cleanser). Reverse washing has the added step of shampooing the hair after as well. Co-washing is more commonly used on natural hair types, while reverse washing is better suited to finer hair types.


Read the full article in Byrdie at the link below and learn how reverse washing works, who it's best for, and the best way to practice it at home!


source: "Everything You Need to Know About Reverse Washing Hair", Byrdie, 9/7/2023

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