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  1. Matches-Brights
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  3. Candle- Christmas Trio
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  5. Spray Bottle- Glass Embossed
  6. Candle - Night Before Christmas
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  7. Candle- White Christmas
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  9. Candle- Travel From Home Ibiza Bohemia
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  11. Soy Candle
  12. Copy of Candle- Pretty in Pink
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  13. Candle-Christmas Morning
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  14. Candle Care Kit
  15. Candle- Uptown Faux Shagreen Box (Bespoke)
  16. Candle- Travel From Home Moon Paradise
  17. Candle-Under the Mistletoe
  18. Glass Cloche with Mango Wood Base
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  19. Candle- Uptown Faux Shagreen Box (Rooftop View)