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Glasshouse Fragrance



We believe that our sense of smell is the most powerful one of all. We scan and understand the invisible world of flowers and food, old books, sun tans, applewood fire and rain before it happens. We learn, we’re warned, and we feel attracted or hungry, we remember that time, and we’re made to feel things we can’t fully explain. All because of the relationship between what’s in the air and our unique selves and the raw power to make us feel.
This is the world we inhabit and continually create at Glasshouse Fragrances. Complex, layered fine fragrances in many forms that make you feel something. Deeper. Beyond our product and yourself. What we make and where we take you is Further than fragrance itself.

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  3. Candle- Christmas Trio
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  5. Candle - Night Before Christmas
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  9. Candle- Montmartre Macaron
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