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Jenny Patinkin

Makeup Brushes- Petites (rose gold)

  • $52.00

The Luxury Vegan Petites Set is a palm-sized collection of 4 vegan makeup brushes.  Handmade for superior quality, performance, and portability, each full-sized brush head brush is packed with two and a half times as many bristles as regular brushes, and the petite handles are weighted so that they balance in the hand the same as full-size makeup brushes.  The result - a super luxe, velvety brush that delivers a controlled, foolproof, seamless application. These brushes can go anywhere and do anything.



All brushes may be used with liquids, gels, creams or powders. Rub pigments and oils away on a washcloth when switching between products and wash weekly with Jenny's Luxury Vegan Makeup Brush Soap.



  • Face/Cheeks Brush - Use with any face products such as foundation, blush, bronzer, powder or highlighter.
  • Conceal/Buff Brush – Use to highlight, conceal and blend.
  • Lid/Crease Brush – Sweep color onto the lid, contour, detail, shape or blend.
  • Line/Smudge Brush - Use to line, smudge, tightline, spot conceal or apply lip color.
  • Petite Size Makeup Brush Case in Pink